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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Facebook - nearly at 900 likes :) xx

Photoshoot for EP


Photo by the very talented Deborah Selwood. You can see more of her work HERE.

HYENA - Best Clothing Brand you'll ever lay your eyes/skin on!!

Need to say a big thank you to Hyena for providing the t-shirt from the last set of images at The Nottingham Contemporary. Click on the image above to be linked to the facebook page and get liking!!

Hyena is always ahead of the trends and I always look at this brand for fashion inspiration. All the clothes are amazing quality and are totally original and fashion forward - definitely bringing London into Nottingham in terms of fashion! 

Click HERE to get buying!! 

Chrome Hoof show!

Matt Henshaw Review

Thanks to Matt Henshaw for the kind words!

"Ok, so who doesn't like a bit of crazy in their ladies? No one, that's who. I had the sincere pleasure and privilege to play with our AJA on my second show of the year. Nottingham's own electro wizardess. Unassuming, unpredictable and unbound or chained by musical genre, stereotype or prejudice. AJA weaves in and around the music like a free ethereal being. She's got soul in her bones and it's amazing she can generate it from the cold digital mechanics of a laptop, loop and effects pedal.

Before returning to my comfort zone of an acoustic guitar and vocals I made my own musical expedition, an esoteric voyage through the world of alternative beats and flavours, and I'm glad I did. Listening to AJA is so much more rewarding if you've school yourself in the intricacies of Bjork's, Beck's and Moby's back catalogue. Don't worry though if you haven't, there's still entry for all into AJA's world of positive psychedelic vibrations.

An accomplished DJ and songstress the room is filled nigh on all night with colour, sounds and shapes. An modern 24 hour technicolour dream beckons, so if I was to throw a party, after-party or hire a boat for some close friends, sail out to international waters and be as debauched as a libertine after lent I'd give AJA a call and get her behind the decks. "

TRAX - Hypekid Feature


Left Lion Online Review

Huge thank you to Left Lion for all the succulent words in the review for my gig at pepper rocks!!

Click HERE to read the full review!

Here's what they had to say...

"In-between each set we got a glimpse of Aja and her DJing skills – as she set up her stage area it felt like we were waiting for a theatrical performance. A handmade banner and string of colourful fairy lights were placed around her performing space. Her outfit reflected her character, wild and carefree. Her personalised stage made it HER night and HER vision.
She kicked off her set by telling the audience to stand up; “we need some energy in here” she slammed from the microphone. The familiar slow starting beat of Raw begins, opening her set on a quieter note.
She knows what she’s doing and exactly how to get a crowd excited, building up the suspense of her music, waiting to erupt and let all loose. The production of her music is impressive; her creative flare for the construction of her tracks is undeniably obvious. It’s clear her passion lies in producing her own, individual sound from her unpredictable performance.
Kill Killer rattles out of the speakers, a clear favourite with much of the crowd who instantly start to actively dance and pick up. Her enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed and geared the audience up with one person banging along loudly on the table. The private party feel to Pepper Rocks infused with her electronic eerie voice works perfectly, there’s no denying her fans adore her.
Aja’s stage presence is unblemished, her interaction with her audience lifts the ambience instantly, toying and playing with them as she sings into their eyes. At one point she crawled into the crowd, lying on the floor as she spun her lyrics, she is there to give an energetic, dynamic performance and that’s exactly what she does best."

Pepper Rocks gig and Review

Huge thank you to the Katy and Claudia for having me (quite literally) at the leaving do at Pepper rocks...

As a last minute idea, I took some fairy lights with me - only to stand on them half way through the set and get electrocuted haha (half way through singing a note)

You can see a video HERE

You can also read reviews of the show by Cassia Helme HERE

Anique Cox Review on AJA

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Anique Cox who has blogged about me - thank you so much for the kind words and support you sexy bitch!!

Here's what she had to say...

"I'll try to keep this short and simple because the music speaks for itself. Doing a spot of research I happened to come across this multi-talented 25-year-old, who goes by the name of AJA IRELAND, and no, clever clogs, she's not from Ireland, she's from Kettering!

Singer, songwriter and DJ, it doesn't get much better than that! Her tone, the beats, and is that rapping I heard? I get a rush of optimism and elation. Remember the days when you suffered from a sleepless night on Christmas Eve because there's so much to be excited about, but you never know what's in store. 

It only takes one song and that song is "Kill Killer", I couldn't help but play this track over and over and over... and over again. Her voice is so enjoyably soothing yet the bassy electronic beats still grasp your undivided attention.

I might not be in touch when it comes to music specifics, but rest assured, I have a good set of luggs on me and I know a great sound when I hear one. AJA IRELAND is one of a kind, with a dark, tech, minimal sound featuring an equally cool and edgy vibe. Oh and the hairstyles are just fab! 

It actually feels kinda crazy getting this hyped up, but the reality is, AJA IRELAND is a genuine artist and has already received radio recognition via BBC Introducing. I wanted to be name dropping her in the early stages of her career because this lady is going places, whether it's weeks, months, years to come, watch this space..."

You can read Anique's blog here:

Fly FM

Thank you to FLY.FM for playing one of my tracks - looking forward to do the live set here! xx

Click the picture below to listen!

AJA Live at Sounddhism...

Thanks for everyone who came to this show! Bit of a mad one, I had a set with Ill Citizen (click HERE to listen to their music) then had to rush downstairs for my set! 

Live Visual Projections

Here is a little preview of some kaleidoscopic visuals I've just finished making are going to look like projected behind me at my shows ...

Mike Atkinson Review

AJA - No.1 on the list of "Ones to watch" reviewed here by Mike Atkinson - (who reviews the cream of the Nottingham crop for Nottingham media outlets such as the Nottingham Post and Left Lion and is also a regular on the NottinghamLIVE Radio Show) - check it out 

Dean Jackson Show feat. AJA

Big thanks to Dean Jackson for playing Made of Glass on his show!

Deeper Sounds Guest Mix

Check out my new mix on Deeper Sounds here:

DJ Mix by AJA with live vocals

Here I recorded a mix with live improvised vocals ...

You can listen to here here:

Gig at Jam Cafe

Playing at Jam Cafe, Nottingham...

Nota Fashion Show

I'm been slack with this blog! So I'm going to update you all in order from August of all the things I've been up to!
I performed at Nota Fashion Show down the catwalk which was a different experience!

Played the song Kill Killer which can be heard here: