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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Drawn to the Dark...lyric ideas

Just some ideas...

I'm drawn to the dark, i wanna fuck myself up
subconscious button pressed now I'm onto self destruct
if you try to prevent the urge will get stronger
Helvetica's no longer the beige in my persona

I'm gunna climb on ya and fuck you till it's wrong ta
taste the blood, sweat dripping down the bitten nails
tunnel vision down the dark well
the lighter life doesn't seem so parallel

surround me in what shouldn't be
silver foil and skeleton deeds
give up everything just to close my eyes
situation thats sticky inside

bring on the worst thing you could conjure 
and wrap me up in it
like a dead diamond blanket 

change the key to minor, major's flow is over
alter ego taking over, I'm scared but I'll disown ya
i wanna loose my mind, wanna escape to the dark place
revisit the side i can't communicate

Roaming the streets with neat 40% under my feet
approaching the people i meet with the evilest eyes i can greet
white as a sheet, no nutrition and rotten vitamins
love to feel the danger dagger split the skin

Sweet dreams xxx

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