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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Backlit Workshop/DJ set

So...I DJ'd and sang last night at Backlit Studio in Sneinton, Nottingham. Run by my favorite twins of all time Matt and Timo Chesney.

 It was filmed and streamed live by White Collar Zoo. 

Mat Collishaw conducted a workshop and taught us all how to make zoetropes. I made mine into a mouth sicking up pipe cleaners and silver foil but we didn't get to see it under the strobe (it turned out a bit shize to be honest) but it was fun making it, I was assisted by the head teacher of Art Foundation too who was  great fun to work with. Embarrassed myself  a bit though ... Bearing in mind I didn't know who Mat Collishaw was or all the amazing work he'd done, I started work on my zoetrope. He popped along and asked what my ideas were, which I told him. He gave me some direction advising my idea may not work, to which I playfully dismissed, replying, "well, ya  never know unless you try aye!!" Of course, then I realise how much work he'd done on  zoetropes, kicked myself a bit after that one haha I reckon he took it on  the chin though. Here's some of his work:

I wish I had time to research him before hand,  I love his work! I'm inspired to write my next song around these images. It's going to be called Macabre Dessert I'm not sure what's it's going to be about yet though - sometimes I start with a title and write and the story and meaning come afterwords. I'm feeling full of inspiration though and already have the music to the track so watch this space and I'll post the lyrics when they're done. Big thanks to Mat for getting me out of my writers block! P.s - Mat if you ever need a model let me know! ;) 

Overall an amazing time was had by all.. It was so refreshing to go to a creative event where everyone felt connected by common ground. This was helped by the interactive element given to us by the workshop, and also the questions and answers with Mat. A big thank you to Backlit for putting this night on and connecting the creatives of Nottingham in such a fun environment  I am proud to be a part of that and I can't wait to DJ and sing at the next event on 31st May :D xx

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