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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lyrics - Macabre Dessert

I've written a dark little bedtime poem I think I'm going to use for my next song - just some notes here I thought I'd share with you all from tonight's inspirations x

Macabre Dessert
Bitter sweet
Sordid Earth
Mares of the night, mares of the night

I’m talking love
My chorus
Mares of the night, mares of the night

Marabre dessert
Silicon birth
Mares of the night, mares of the night

This is the venal muse
This is my exit
For my eyes only
And maybe yours

Let’s join in, go under the influence
Be influenced by the end of innocence
Taste the last meal on death row everyday
In the garden of disguised and dark delights

Let’s watch shooting stars under UV
Deliver insecticide to the outsiders
Trying to spy too see on what we feed
On what brings us alive

Our food, cold blooded and amused
Skin flicked and gristle throbbing
Uneasy, don’t untie me, stay
release the beast in me my handler

Tiptoe on broken nails to peer
Inside the girls body with the head of a deer
Infected by eclectic smoke
Ultraviolet asylum in hidden oak

It bemuses all but us
Connected through the tangled wire
Entwining as we journey through
The sights of the sultry solitaire

I give you a ticket to the slit
Though I want an entrance without using it
My chambers a wound, is closed and still
And ready for some force

As the shrunken heads hang
We eat our macabre desserts
Under the full eclipse of flesh
Conscious asleep with the oak

And when the smoke enters the eye
The water fills the lotus lake
Appetites cease to exist
As we part with hollow skin 

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